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Ohio Investments LLC

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If you are an investor whether in Ohio or out of Ohio, you may want to work with Ohio Investments.

Ohio Investments can help other investors in a variety of ways. If you are interested in investing in Ohio, we can contact you each time we get a property around the state. We often buy properties at 50% of asking price or less. We often fix the properties ourselves and resell, however, we choose to only fix and sell a small handful of properties at a time. The rest of our properties we sell to other investors who then buy and sell.

Ohio Investments also has properties that are already fixed up and ready to be rented. We sell those properties at a discount to investors who are looking to take advantage of long term value increases and current cash flow.

Ohio Investments also provides one on one consulting for investors looking to buy properties in Ohio. If you are looking for one on one consulting, we charge $500 per hour for this service, but it provides a massive return on your investment. Our unique knowledge of the entire market is unique and you will not be able to get that experience from other investors or consultants. We feel that we can save you significantly more than you will spend on your consulting.

A well known Philosopher said that becoming an expert in a topic is a result of making every possible mistake on a specific subject. Through the past 7 years, we have made hundreds of mistakes and lost money on dozens of deals. This experience has helped us to avoid making those mistakes again, and we feel that our experience should be shared with others looking to invest in Ohio.

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