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Ohio Investments LLC

Brad Zitzner
Phone: (937) 863-0202
ext. 17


LuAnne Baer
Phone: (937) 863-0202
ext. 15


About us

This is a website to help anyone interested in buying investment properties anywhere in Ohio. Brad and David have been advising investors and investing themselves since 2003 and 2001 collectively.

Together, they have bought and sold more than 900 properties. Their company, Ohio Investments LLC buys and sells properties all ver the country. Their unique knowledge of different markets and experience all over allow them to make more informed decisions.

Ohio Investments specializes in finding foreclosures at extreme discounts. They often resell those properties to local investors who want to fix and sell or fix and rent the properties.

Ohio Investments buys and sells up to 65 properties a month and they are currently looking at packages up to $4 mil.


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